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Happy Renewal Season From ComplyFit

4 Helpful Tips To Get Through MTL Renewal Season

November 22, 2022
Keeping up with money transmitter license regulations and deadlines is stressful on it’s own without the added stress of the holiday season. It’s easy...
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The Easy Solution For Crypto Money Transmitter License Management

October 10, 2022
As an industry in its relative infancy, cryptocurrency is subject to rules that change so quickly it can make your head spin. Companies in...
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Tools to help keep your recordkeeping and reporting in line

September 12, 2022
Show of hands: who loves ongoing state money transmitter license (MTL) compliance? What’s your favorite part? Is it the impossibly meticulous recordkeeping requirements? How...

Who’s in charge of your institution’s MTL compliance?

August 9, 2022
One way to put your cryptocurrency firm out of business is to run afoul of regulators. Unfortunately, in the U.S., regulations haven’t caught up...

State licensing is a growing trend in crypto. Here’s what businesses need to do

July 11, 2022
The rise in popularity – and value – of a number of cryptocurrencies, as well as some pandemic-induced concerns, led to a considerable increase...

Critical daily compliance responsibilities for cryptos

June 13, 2022
As a cryptocurrency business in the money transmitter sphere, your company needs someone to monitor every aspect of compliance. From keeping up with new...

How to create open lines of dialog with state regulators

May 16, 2022
If you’re new to the cryptocurrency industry, it may be tempting to see state regulators as adversaries. But your company’s success or failure rests...

3 examination tips for compliance (that are actually useful)

April 11, 2022
Is your cryptocurrency business ready for your next compliance examination? How well would your business fare if federal or state regulators came knocking today?...

How state reporting worked before ComplyFit

March 7, 2022
Recently a friend of ours (we’ll call him “George”) went through a situation that’s, unfortunately, all too common for those running cryptocurrency businesses. From...

How ComplyFit makes regulatory reporting easy

February 7, 2022
Staying in the good graces of financial regulators is a tightrope walk for any money transmitter business, both traditional and crypto. Beyond the Financial...